• What TBR stands for?

    TBR stands for "To Be Released". TBR domains are domains that were not renewed by their owner and that will soon be available for registration. For more details please see the .ca domains lifecycle.

  • What is a TBR domain exactly?

    A domain that is not renewed go through an expiration process (see .ca domains lifecycle). The last step of this process is the TBR session. These sessions are hosted and regulated by CIRA and offer to the registrars the opportunity to register expired domains before they go back to public registration. However every TBR domains registration must be on behalf of a client, a registrar cannot register TBR domains for its own interest. There is only one TBR session every week on wednesday at 2:00 PM (Ottawa time). After the TBR session, all unclaimed domains are available for public registration.

  • How many domains are there in a TBR session?

    It varies a lot, a few thousands. Between January 1st, 2013 and August 16th, 2013 there was an average of 6390 domains per TBR session.

  • How does a TBR session work?

    There is always only 1 TBR session per week on Wednesday at 2:00 PM (Ottawa time). The session last one hour. At 14:00 PM precisely all participating registrars race to register the desired domains. This race is held and regulated by CIRA and allows a limited number of requests. To succeed, registrars must use precise timing and sort their domains strategically.

  • Where can I find these TBR domains?

    At DomDom we specialize in TBR domains and offer to our members a series of useful statistics to find the valuable TBR domains. You will find in the menu "Expired Domains" a link to see the complete list of domains for the next TBR session and a link to our TBR search engine.

  • How can I register a TBR domain?

    Unfortunately DomDom.ca is no longer a registrar so you will have to backorder your TBR domains elsewhere. Google is your friend!

  • Who can register TBR domains?

    To register a TBR or any .ca domain name an applicant must have a connection to Canada. For details please refer to the Canadian Presence Requirements for Registrants.